Appraisal of antiques or artworks online: how does it work?

Art and antique objects are very rare these days. This scarcity causes a real complication in knowing its price and value. Don't forget that ignorance can cost you a lot of money, especially if you want to sell the object. No seller will be able to cheat you if they know the right price for your work. It is therefore essential to know how the process of estimating your art and your antique dealers works.

How does the valuation of an art and antique object work?

Experts take into account several criteria to properly value a work. Firstly, they look at the most obvious such as the artist's signature and the materials used. The artist's signature proves the authenticity of the work. The materials on the other hand say a lot about the price. Some precious goods like gold, precious stones, etc. have price fluctuations published every second online. Therefore, it is sufficient to add up the amount of the elements that make up the object in order to get a minimum price first. Getting an estimate of your precious object can be done easily on the internet. It only takes a few minutes with a few clicks for the valuation of antique objects. You don't have to transport the piece, but only describe it by adding a picture. For example, you can consult MR EXPERT the antique valuation website for more information on the valuation of a priceless object.

Steps to follow after the valuation

After your artwork has been appraised, you have two choices: keep the object knowing its true value or sell it at auction. For the sale, the step is as follows. You must therefore call on the services of a mediator. Several mediators offer their services, either in a physical place or in a fictitious place like the Internet. Experts sometimes require a direct meeting with the object. You can bring it to him if the estimate given before was satisfactory. Afterwards, he will look for a place to bid. Your collection will be sold on a specific date depending on the mediator's schedule. The mediator is obliged to give you all the information you need. All you have to do is wait for the sale.

Other information about estimates

As the price of a work of art or an antique also depends on the period of its creation, determining this date is an essential step in the valuation. Determining this date is not only done by comparing it with a similar object, but by carefully checking the size, the frame, the varnishes, the materials, the model, the style, and many other criteria. For example, framing in the 17th and 18th centuries is highly carved and gilded. Whereas in the 19th century, plaster is much more present. This is why a physical consultation with the mediator is necessary. Come to his analysis.

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