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Preserving History: Restoring French Empire Mantel Clocks to Glory

Delving into the world of historical timepieces, one cannot overlook the grandeur of French Empire mantel clocks. These intricate wonders, with their fine craftsmanship, serve as a magnificent testament to the opulence of Napoleon’s era. Like regal jewels, they encapsulate…

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Appraisal of antiques or artworks online: how does it work?

Art and antique objects are very rare these days. This scarcity causes a real complication in knowing its price and value. Don’t forget that ignorance can cost you a lot of money, especially if you want to sell the object….

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How to estimate the value of a jewel?

The value of jewellery remains topical. Indeed, a jewel is an article of body adornment to be worn on the body, in the body, or even on articles of clothing. To recognise its exact value, you need to be aware…

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Inheritance: when should you call in an expert to value your objects?

You have just lost a loved one and have noticed that art objects are part of their inherited assets? Calling in an expert is a good idea to evaluate the work of art. But when should you call in an…

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Where to get a vase appraised?

Whether it is a second hand dealer, an antique dealer or a private individual, getting an appraisal of   your antiques or collectibles is not an easy thing to do. If the cost is too low, it could mean that…

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How do you know the value of a sculpture?

If you own a sculpture and you are wondering about its value, contact an expert in the field. There are a number of steps to take to find out the value of a sculpture. Specialised sites also offer their remote…

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