Where to get a vase appraised?

Whether it is a second hand dealer, an antique dealer or a private individual, getting an appraisal of   your antiques or collectibles is not an easy thing to do. If the cost is too low, it could mean that the object is defective or not authentic. If the price is too high, it may scare off potential buyers. There are ways to have your collectible or precious vase appraised.

Calling on an auctioneer to estimate your vase

An auctioneer is the ideal professional to estimate the value of a vase. This expert can give a precise estimate of the value of the object according to its origin and the date in which  it was made. The older the object, the more valuable it is. To find a competent auctioneer, word of mouth is an effective method. It is also possible to contact an auctioneer online via a specialised and reliable website to have a valuation of your vase. The rarity of the vase may indicate a higher price. For this reason, one must be careful when looking for a professional. It is important to choose a specialist you can trust. There are also sites that give a free estimate of a rare and collectible object. But this option is not really reliable. It is better to use a recognised professional. 

Valuing your vase at an online flea market

To get the right price for your valuable vase, soliciting the services of online flea markets is one of the best options. This type of shop is specialised in giving an estimate of art objects or collectibles that are very old. They can give a free appraisal or come directly to your home to take a closer look at the object, as a rare object is sometimes very fragile. For a quick and free valuation, using an online flea market is a good solution. It is also economical, because the owner of the vase does not have to travel.

What precautions should be taken?

When estimating the value of vases, certain precautions must be taken into account. In fact, even if the vase is very valuable, if it has a few scratches during transport or breaks, this can reduce its cost. In other words, it may lose its value. For this reason, it is important to be careful when taking the object to a professional to estimate its price. It is necessary to ask for advice on how to transport it so that the vase remains intact. If it is placed in a box, it is necessary to ensure that the object remains immobile to prevent it from breaking.

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