What training is required to become an art restorer?

In his or her mission and vocation, the art restorer is required to repair masterpieces of art such as paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, glass, etc. However, no one can practice such a profession without having acquired the required knowledge and…

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Calling on an art restorer online: how to obtain a quote?

An art restorer is first and foremost a professional in the conservation of antique objects in private homes or museums. His or her main vocation is to repair old monuments that represent a historical and sentimental value to their owner….

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How to restore a terracotta sculpture?

Terracotta sculptures are works of art that are not often seen outdoors in parks and gardens. Architectural pieces are the only ones that are found in these places. In fact, these sculptures deteriorate more easily when they are exposed for…

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Restoring an old wooden frame: techniques

Renovating and repairing an old frame is a task for a professional craftsman. However, even if you are not trained, you can still repair your frames yourself. The only requirement is that you have a good basic knowledge of DIY…

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3D scanning: a modern restoration technique

Over time, the work will change, lose its brilliance, its originality and sometimes even show traces of the passage of time. When the time came to restore the work, a question arose: what did this work look like a few…

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How do you restore a work of art?

In art, restoration is an intervention used to restore a given historical condition. Its aim is to improve the legibility and aesthetic impartiality of a thing or building and to make it reusable if necessary. Thus, art restoration means repairing…

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