How do you restore a work of art?

In art, restoration is an intervention used to restore a given historical condition. Its aim is to improve the legibility and aesthetic impartiality of a thing or building and to make it reusable if necessary. Thus, art restoration means repairing damaged art whether it is a painting or something else of value. It gives a second life to the object, while respecting its original appearance.

How to restore a work of art?

Works of art can be sculptures, paintings or anything else of value. They are mostly fragile and must be handled with care. However, accidents happen quickly. A fall or a fire can damage the work and even destroy the entire collection. To restore a work of art, it is recommended to choose the right insurance when making a claim. Then, how to restore the artwork if it is damaged?

Restoring works of art

Although you can take the necessary precautions to protect your artwork, it can still fall or be destroyed by fire. Fire is a destructive disaster. It can, like fire and water from the fire brigade, damage your precious objects. Therefore, to restore a work of art, it is recommended to entrust it to professional experts. His expertise and mastery of restoration methods will enable him to safeguard the work. Among art innovators, some specialise in the innovation of paintings and others in the innovation of sculptures and antique furniture. It is advisable to choose the appropriate innovator for the work to be restored. Then the professional restorer will determine the procedure to be followed according to the degree of degradation of the piece and its materials (metals, stone, Crystal etc.). If the work of art is damaged by fire, he will first remove the dust by rubbing. Then, if necessary, he can graft pieces to correct tears or breaks. His objective is to respect the nature and history of the work in order to return it to its owner.

Reasons to choose art restoration

When insured, it is possible to receive full compensation or to choose to restore a work of art. Restoration of works can also be paid for by insurance. Firstly, choosing restoration over compensation is an emotional choice. The work has been part of the life of its master or heirs and even family for many years. Moreover, the work of art is a witness to a period of history or a civilisation. It must be helped to survive the ages.

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