Calling on an art restorer online: how to obtain a quote?

An art restorer is first and foremost a professional in the conservation of antique objects in private homes or museums. His or her main vocation is to repair old monuments that represent a historical and sentimental value to their owner. To find out the cost of his service, you should first ask for a quote online.

The main activities of an art restorer

The online art restorer is the craftsman who specialises in the renovation,03 repair of objects and ancient monuments such as historical buildings, sculptures, paintings and tapestries. He is also the professional to call upon to give a second life to classic clocks, jewellery, ceramics, stained glass, photographs or even vintage furniture. Of course, he restores all these objects of art by striving to bring them back to their original appearance while preserving their historical, physical and sentimental properties. To do this, the art restorer uses innovative, state-of-the-art equipment to assess the possibility of conservation of the object in question. He then chooses the best technique to restore the object to its former glory.

Who uses an art restorer?

Public institutions, decentralised government departments and local authorities call on the services of an online art restorer to repair or reconstruct objects and monuments belonging to the state. This is also the case for galleries, dealers, antique dealers, auction houses, etc. Some art restorers are also civil servants of public institutions. They work in this sense on behalf of a museum or exhibition centre. Interventions are generally carried out in historical monuments, museums, archives or even private homes.

How can I request an art restorer's estimate online?

To find out the cost of an online art restorer's intervention, you must first consult their official website. Then, you just have to mention the type of objects to be preserved or restored in your house or in your professional domain. In some cases, the art restorer will ask you to attach some photos of the object in question to better analyse its authenticity and historical value. Instantly, you will receive a free estimate explaining in detail all the types of intervention and the technique he will use to restore your art objects. By validating the estimate, you can then book an appointment on the official website of the artisan of your choice.

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