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What is a diptych or triptych?

Nowadays, paintings and pictures are no longer displayed in a single panel. In order to create a more effective effect, painters have developed quite attractive techniques to attract art lovers and enthusiasts. In this respect, photos can also be embellished…

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10 nature artworks that celebrate the treasures of our planet

Nature artworks are privileged witnesses of the beauty of our planet and the preserved natural environments. Their themes are varied, such as impressive deserts, flora and fauna, grandiose mountains, etc. And this type of artwork has inspired many artists from…

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Art trend: The explosion of contemporary African art

A leading art trade investigation agency has just released its yearly report on the art trade, a statement based exclusively on collective sales at auctions around the world. Strengthening the market It has been at least 20 years now since…

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Art trend 2021: The growth of 3D graphic animations

This year, the art world will be strongly dominated by new technologies. Artists will express themselves in a very different way from what they used to do. As for the aesthetes, they will be able to appreciate art in more…

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Focus on Sheikha Mayassa Al Thani: the undisputed queen of the Qatari art world

Qatar is a country in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula. Qatari culture is similar to that of many Arab countries. It is divided into four main categories: music, art, costume and oriental cuisine. In terms of art, Qatar has…

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