10 nature artworks that celebrate the treasures of our planet

Nature artworks are privileged witnesses of the beauty of our planet and the preserved natural environments. Their themes are varied, such as impressive deserts, flora and fauna, grandiose mountains, etc. And this type of artwork has inspired many artists from all over the world, as the environment we live in today is rapidly changing. So artists have tried to preserve the beauty of nature with their art.

La Terra Incognita, Heliconia and La Java des Anges

La Terra Incognita is a photograph taken by Guillaume Pépy during his stay at the « Dumont d'Urville » research station. The image highlights the natural beauty of the glacial desert of Antarctica. The purity of its colours shows the symbol of a preserved and virgin landscape. And the two black penguins in the centre of the image remind us how important their protection is.   The Heliconia, on the other hand, is an acrylic painting by Juan Carlos Suarez that highlights the beauty of nature. It is one of the most famous works of nature art, thanks to its illustration of a small plant growing in the middle of a very dense forest.  Different from its predecessors, the Angel Java is an oil painting by the artist Clara Crespin. The painting depicts the flight of exotic birds that gather on the same tree.

One Love, Swamp, but Glamorous and Sperm Whale 3

One Love is a unique photograph taken by Paola Pivi in 2013. Distinguished by its quirky nature, it is very different from other nature artworks you may know. This somewhat strange and unexpected photograph makes you think and offers you a kind of impressive visual harmony. Kalya Ka's "Swamp, but Glamorous" is also a painting unmatched in beauty. This painting that transforms a mundane landscape into something truly beautiful and special is also a fairly recent painting as it was painted in 2020. Sperm Whale 3, as the name suggests, features a majestic sperm whale in its natural habitat: the sea. 

Alps VII, Aurora Borealis, UTMB and the Aquatic Wanderings Series I

Alps VII, is a photograph that offers you the unique beauty of a sunset in the mountains of the Slovak Alps. The photo was taken by Mihály Demeczky. The Aurora Borealis is also an acrylic painting by Françoise Bousset which shows the famous natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. The painting depicts a breathtaking spectacle of greenish lights in the sky and is known as one of the most beautiful works of art about nature. During the world's biggest trail race, Alexis Berg took a photo that represents one of the best moments of the UTMB. In the picture you can see a tiny silhouette of a trail runner that is very small compared to the vastness of the mountains around. This photo shows us how beautiful our planet is and that humanity is only a tiny part of it.

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