Inheritance: when should you call in an expert to value your objects?

You have just lost a loved one and have noticed that art objects are part of their inherited assets? Calling in an expert is a good idea to evaluate the work of art. But when should you call in an expert to value them? How does the art expert proceed? Should they be appraised?

When should an expert be called in to value a work of art?

 For more specific and rare objects, you can use the services of a professional in this field. Using an expert, such as Mr Expert for the inheritance appraisal , is a wise decision because the valuation of a piece of art depends on many factors. Although you may be an art lover, art appraisal is a professional affair. They have a good knowledge of the value of works of art, such as sculptures, paintings, pictures and prints. However, it is best to get different opinions. This way you will get an accurate assessment.  If you do not wish to contact a professional, you can also consult the specialised website. This will give you more information about the estimated price of the work. However, please note that while experts and specialised sites have some understanding in this area, they are not necessarily 100% reliable. This is why it is important to use the services of another expert to get a range of opinions.

How does the expert proceed?

Using precision tools such as a magnifying glass, a UV lamp or a microscope, the experts will be able to identify possible forgeries, repairs or other repair work. They will use documents to help them assess the age of your object. These sources can be handwritten letters, catalogues, reasoned catalogues,  or publications. An art expert may also use the resources of an art gallery or museum website. These features can help the art expert to determine dates, estimate and trace the history of the work. Finally, for the most difficult or old objects to estimate, the expert will carry out investigations and may even request scientific assistance to analyse the work directly in the laboratory. His objective has always remained the same: to estimate the works in his hands at a reasonable price.

Why should you have your objects appraised?

If your objects come from an inheritance, they can be valued by the auctioneer. In addition to the duties of the auction organizer, he is always at your service and is completely confidential in order to estimate the value of your works of art. The estimated value of your product must be re-evaluated periodically to take into account the evolution of its price in relation to the market. Each time you renew your home insurance policy, the insurance company may ask you to estimate the value of these objects.

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